Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I just got back from Kentucky where I was visiting with Uncle Jim and Aunt Lee Wilburn and Aunt Frankie.  My son, Mike, and grandson, Kristopher, went with me.  What a wonderful time we had reminiscing about the past and hearing stories from long before I was born.

As I was listening to Dad's sisters and brother-in-law, it struck me all over again that I am blessed with a rich spiritual heritage.  Throughout past decades (and even centuries!)  many of my ancestors loved the Lord and served Him with their very lives.  I am sure that many of them prayed for me long before they had any idea I would ever be born.  They have prayed for my children and grandchildren.  I feel confident they even prayed for my yet unborn great-grandchildren and their children!

I am so very blessed!  These ancestors of my mine did not leave me great material wealth but they left me a far greater wealth!  The wealth they left me with will never fade away.  No one can take it away from me.  It has no dependence on the stock market or the current price of gold.  Because of this, I feel compelled to pray for my children, grandchildren and yes even my great-grandchildren, their children and their children.

Dad spoke often about the importance of praying through the generations.  My life can impact lives for decades and centuries to come!  I do not live in vain.  As long as I spend time on my knees in prayer, my life will matter not only to people around me today but to those who are yet unborn!

Deuteronomy 7:6-9 (The Message)

Do this because you are a people set apart as holy to God, your God. God, your God, chose you out of all the people on Earth for himself as a cherished, personal treasure.
God wasn’t attracted to you and didn’t choose you because you were big and important—the fact is, there was almost nothing to you. He did it out of sheer love, keeping the promise he made to your ancestors. God stepped in and mightily bought you back out of that world of slavery, freed you from the iron grip of Pharaoh king of Egypt. Know this: God, your God, is God indeed, a God you can depend upon. He keeps his covenant of loyal love with those who love him and observe his commandments for a thousand generations.

 Hallelujah!  Thank you, Aunt Frankie, Aunt Lee, and Uncle Jim for reminding me not only of the value of our lives but how fleeting time is.  I love you!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your heart! So glad your visit was refreshing and gave you the reminder and connection we so often need.