Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Special Days

This week of September is always hard.  Dad's birthday is September 4th.  Mom and Dad's anniversary is September 10th.  So of course, I think about them a lot during this week.  But God, in His infinite wisdom has two other special days in this same time frame.

My grandson, Jayden, was born smack dab in the middle of those two special days, September 7th.  We gathered at my daughter's home to celebrate three whole years of life this year. Ironic since it is also the third year since Mom and Dad were killed.  And even though "our" family was way out numbered by my son-in-laws family, it was still good to be together.  My Aunt Sis, Uncle Virgil along with all of my children and grandchildren were there (although we certainly missed Grace, Mike's girlfriends daughter).  It was nice to watch all the cousins playing together and, as Aunt Sis said, making memories.

It is good to have a celebration of life in the middle of these two days because certainly Mom and Dad live!  They are more alive than we are!  Jesus was not kidding when He said, I come that they might have life and have it more abundantly!  

The other special day is also September 10th.  It is my "little" brother, Stephen's birthday.  I want to make it perfectly clear that Stephen is a year older than me.  I only call him my little brother because I have three brothers and he is the youngest of the three but I have the honor of being the baby of the family.  

Mom and Dad were married in 1952.  My oldest brother, Doug, was born in 1954.  Dave was next in 1955 and then Stephen in 1956.  By now I am sure you are able to guess that I came along the following year, 1957.  Clearly, the wedding anniversary came first in this succession of events.  I remember one year when I was about 11 or 12 years old we were celebrating Stephens birthday and Mom and Dads anniversary.  Sitting at the dinner table, Dave had an epiphany moment and blurted out to Mom, "Why did you and Dad get married on STEPHENS birthday?!"  I can still hear him saying and that and laugh when I think about it.  For those of you who know Dave, you understand it perfectly!

On this day which would have been Mom and Dad's 62nd anniversary, I shout out an extra Happy Birthday to my dear brother, Stephen who is, and always will be, one year older than me!  I hope you have a very special day especially knowing that Mom and Dad are celebrating their anniversary in heaven.  Always know that Mom and Dad loved you so much, they got married on your birthday!

Psalm 118:23-25 The Message

This is God's work.
   We rub our eyes - we can hardly believe it!
This is the very day God acted -
    Let's celebrate and be festive!
Salvation now, God.  Salvation now!
    Oh yes, God - a free and full life!

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