Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Novella was my Mom's mothers middle name.  Gram died a year ago this December at the tender age of 96.  When my youngest daughter found out she was pregnant, she just knew it was a girl from the get go.  She decided she would name her after her great-grandmother.  She chose Gram's middle name and the middle name of her grandmother on her Dad's side, Rae.  Novella Rae.  After her Granny and Granddad were killed she knew she had to add her Granny's middle name as well. 

I know it's a mouthful, but Novella Rae Loetta was born last Saturday evening when I was supposed to be at my oldest daughter's birthday party.  Novella had other plans for her Nana.  Although she was 2 weeks ahead of schedule, she still weighed in at 6 lbs, 6 oz!  She is breathtakingly beautiful and perfect - at least to her Nana anyway.  I'm sure if you met her you would agree!  God has blessed me with another grandchild this year!

I was with my daughter through her labor.  During the toughest part (without an epidural!) Stacie kept asking me to pray (actually, yelling at me would be a more accurate description but those of you who have been through childbirth will understand).  As I was praying for what seemed like hours upon hours, I suddenly felt the presence of my Mom.  I could see her so clearly in my mind.  It was the first time since she was killed that I felt her with me.

Every time I cradle little Novella in my arms, I think of Mom.  When Jayden was born just 8 short weeks ago I was truly on an emotional roller coaster.  I was elated that Sarah and Troy had a beautiful perfect baby boy but on the other hand I thought it wasn't fair that Mom would never get to hold him.  With the birth of Novella, I feel a peace about that.  I feel that in a way Mom and Dad are here.  Their legacy will live on in the lives of all those they touched while they were living and those they never got to meet in this life.

Psalm 22:30-31 (The Message)
Our children and their children
      will get in on this
   As the word is passed along
      from parent to child.
   Babies not yet conceived
      will hear the good news—
      that God does what he says.

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