Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trial - Day 3

The trial began with another DNA expert today. It was very hard to listen to because I just did not understand a lot of it. If it were not my parents they were talking about, it would have been pretty boring to me. It certainly has no resemblance to TV shows! It is very difficult to find and identify a person through DNA in a scene like this because of the large amount of blood that covered both of their bodies as well as their home. That took up the entire morning. 

After lunch, the lead detective was called to the stand. He testified about the interrogation process that lead to Jose's confession. Then they began playing the video of the interrogation. We saw about 3 hours of that today. We'll watch the rest of it in the morning and then the defense will present their case.

It was well over 2 hours into the interview before he began to remember the event. He had taken so many drugs and had so much to drink that his memory is sketchy to say the least. Before he got to that night the detective said let's retrace what was happening in the days before the murder. On Good Friday Jose had been baptized and that stuck out in his mind so that seemed to be a good place to begin jogging his memory.

When the detective asked about his baptism, he seemed excited about it. He said that when the pastor raised him up out of the water he felt like he was on fire - as though he were burning. He went on to say that he was so hot he had to change his clothes. Of course, that didn't really make any sense. If he was hot, why would changing out of wet clothes cool him off? My first thought was the demons within him were reacting to the baptismal waters. Maybe I have just watched too many movies in my younger days but I really do wonder about it.

It struck me that during the interrogation process the lead detective prayed with Jose with Jose's permission and Jose prayed as well. It will be interesting to see what is said in the rest of the confession. The one thing that was most fascinating to me about the video we have seen so far, was the fact that seeing Mom's picture seemed to bother Jose more than anything else.

Please keep praying for our family, for Jose, and for justice to prevail. Your prayers are getting us through this and we appreciate it very much!

James 5:16b (Good News Translation)

The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect.

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